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About Me

Hello and welcome to Mind Body Philosophy!

​My name is Kate and I am the overly proud mother of three little miracles, wife to fun loving hubby and bestie to an incredible bunch of friends.  My practice is located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Australia and I support my clients in person, over the phone and via video call.  ​I’m a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy Practitioner.  I’m a member of the International Coach Federation, The Australian Board of NLP and The American Board of Hypnotherapy. 


I love soaking up a good podcast, audio book or TedTalk, nerding out on all things natural health and wellness, supporting charitable efforts.  I practice gratitude and meditation daily, crafting relaxes my mind and it’s very unusual to find me without a cup of tea in my hand.  I believe deep within me that my purpose is to serve others around me through my life experiences and with the understanding and structure of my professional training. 


I’m fascinated by the mind and body connection and how each interacts with the other and plays influence on our emotions, health and healing.  For me there is no greater honour than to be entrusted by my clients and watch their awareness grow and transformation take place.  ​I’m a student for life, still growing and changing.  I’m human, perfectly imperfect, following my curiosity, committed to becoming better than I was yesterday and to serve those around me.  This is where my heart lives. 


​With Love, Health & Happiness,





Like many couples planning to start a family, we thought it would be simple, we were young, healthy & expected that it would just happen! Unfortunately (like many), that wasn’t our reality. After 12 months of trying we finally conceived however at 11wks at our first ultrasound no baby was found in the sac and we were diagnosed with a “missed miscarriage” also known as a “blighted ovum”, it was recommended that I have a D&C which we did.


Soon after we found ourselves pregnant again, this time with twins, we were thrilled and believed this was it!  Unfortunately at our 10wk ultrasound both babies hearts had stopped beating just days beforehand.  We went on to have numerous tests, surgeries and experienced another 3 miscarriages and a complication from a D&C called Ashermans Syndrome which causes scar tissue and adhesions within the cervix and or womb, this required more surgery and hormone therapy to heal the internal damage caused.  We were told this would decrease our likelihood of becoming parents however before we knew it we had naturally conceived, carried without any medical intervention and birthed our first born daughter Mia Rose.  She is and always will be our miracle and her wisdom and caring nature is undisputed to all those that know her. 


A year later we started the process to grow our family once more but again found ourselves in the throws of fertility issues after experiencing two more miscarriages including another set of twins.  Eventually we were put in contact with an Obstetric Immunologist who was able to work out why we had been having recurrent miscarriages.  We were put on the right protocol and on our first attempt we quickly conceived, carried and birthed our daughter Lilly Louise.


After our Lilly was born the need to grow our family had settled and I felt I was able to breathe and enjoy motherhood however I was shocked to find myself in what I can only describe as a post traumatic depression, it came out of the blue and hit me hard.  I had been on such a laser focused mission to have my kids I hadn’t given myself any time and energy to properly grieve for all our loss and all that we'd endured.  I tried to ignore it by becoming obsessed with my mission to continue breastfeeding albeit not having enough milk to nourish my baby and helicopter parenting both my young girls whilst trying to keep things together.  But like the old saying you can’t look after anyone if you’re not looking after yourself first rung loud and true.  I now understand how intrinsic the need for self respect, self love and care is for a healthy mind, body and family.  


We had always talked about having three children and assumed that the third would likely be another princess, it took 6 years for both my husband and I to pluck up the courage and strength to have our third child and we were beyond blessed to welcome our son Phoenix into our family in December 2019 after a complicated pregnancy and premature birth (don't worry, he's perfectly healthy and happy).  Follow me on my social media channels for all the updates…

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My Fertility Story

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"Kate is a kind hearted, supportive and incredible coach.  The hypnosis session we had together was incredible and I came away feeling amazing with clear goals and steps to take.

I highly recommend Kate!

Rebecca Haydon

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